The Novelist Book Cover

Reviewer: spratt

Angela Hunt is in the top five of my favorite authors list. Her storiesare exciting from page 1 to the end. I know when I start one; it islikely to be a very late night. They are hard to put down. “TheNovelist” is a little different than the majority of Angela Hunt’sbooks…excellent…but different. That is not surprising, given thestoryline of the book.

“The Novelist” is Jordan Casey. That is her pen name. The majority ofher readers assume _Jordan_ is a man. Over the past 20 years she haswritten a highly successful series of adventure stories about a largerthan life hero, _Rex_ _Tower_.

Jordan Casey Kerrigan is a wife and mother of three grown children. Theyoungest, Zachary, age 20 is an alcoholic. He was unable to make it incollege because of the alcoholism. He has been through rehab and isagain living at home. He continues to be difficult, but Jordan and herhusband, Carl, do not give up on helping him.

As the story begins Jordan has agreed to teach a course at a localcommunity college on ‘How to Write a Novel.’ One very obnoxious studentis not terribly awestruck with the big-time writer, and challenges herwith questions like, “Could you write something other than your usualsuper hero style novel, something more personal?” She accepts thatchallenge. In fact, she decides it would be a great teaching tool forthe class…to allow them to see her week-to-week process in writing anovel.

She accepts the challenge to write something very personal. No one willknow it. It will most likely never be published. She wants to writesomething that will help her son …the alcoholic. He needs tounderstand that life is a series of choices. He needs to understand thatthe choices he makes affect others besides himself. He needs tounderstand that there is a God who loves him enough to forgive him.

The book is quite unique. We follow the story line of Jordan and herfamily life…and we follow the story that Jordan is writing for theclass…for her son.

I very highly recommend “The Novelist.”