A terrific read! Very entertaining, unusual and fresh with a sly humor and good story.

A detective story of sorts. In Eric Garcia’s world, Dinosaurs are walking among us. A while back, the Dino population of the world took notice of the annoying apes evolving and made the decision to hide their identity. Now living among the apes are various breeds of dinosaur hiding in very elaborate costumes…including our protagonist Vincent Rubio.

Vincent’s having some trouble. His partner was killed recently, and it’s thrown him into a funk that’s threatening to tear Vincent’s life apart if he doesn’t snap out of it.

The author does a great job with this story. We aren’t bored with reasons why there are Dino’s among us…it’s not the story, just a fact. Humorous situations and dialog make this a terrific read. A wonderful book and I can’t wait for more. Written in a sing-song detective story style with cleaver quips.

None comes. Instead, Judith McBride nods mutely, anxiety welling in
those big brown eyes. “Are you the one?” she says, feet backing her
body away in a jittery waltz. “Are you the one who killed Raymond?”
Wonderful. Now she thinks I’m her husband’s murderer. If she
screams, it’s all over–I wouldn’t lay odds against the notion that
those two slabs of dino meat from the elevator are still waiting
just outside the door, eager to burst in, beat me into burger, and
toss me seventy-eight stories to the bustling street below. I can
only hope that my blood and brain matter splatter into a pattern of
enough artistic merit to properly complement the building’s
architecture. Then again, if we can avoid the situation altogether .
. .
I gently open my hands to display their lack of weapons. “I’m not a
killer, Mrs. McBride. That’s not why I’m here.”

Relief slides across her features. “I have jewels,” she says. “In a
safe. I can open it for you.”

“I don’t want your jewels,” I say.

“Money, then–“

“I don’t want your money, either.” I reach into my jacket; she
stiffens, closes her eyes, ready for the bullet or the knife that
will send her to meet her husband in dino Valhalla. Why hasn’t she
screamed yet? No matter, I pull out my ID and toss it at her feet.

“My name’s Vincent Rubio. I’m a private investigator from Los