Book Cover

A myth combined with fantasy. That’s a very short description of whatthis book is.

The story and plot is important, but the writing and the journey is moreimportant than finding out what happens. And that’s a really good thing,since I picked this book up not realizing that it was the third in atrilogy. I was a good 40 pages into the book before I entered it on this site and discovered it was the final book of a trilogy. It obviously stands on its own. Some of the characters of the first two books are inthis book and I’m sure they would be more interesting if I had read the first two books.

At any rate, the book is set in Ireland and concerns a girl who israised by her father, a sorcerer. She learns from him, and from hergrandmother. She’s sent to her mother’s family with a task assigned toher by her grand mother. But will she manage to carry out that task? Itis a wonderful tale, well written and worth the reading.