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Jarrod Jarvis was a child actor in a successful sitcom in the 80’s. Nowhe is in 30’s and struggling to reignite is career. At the premier partyof Jarrod’s latest disastrous movie roll (held in the Starbucks acrossthe street from the theater), Jarrod is approached by Wallace Goodwin,one of the writers from the sitcom. Wallace has written a play and wantsJarrod for a particular part. And even more surprising, the play isgetting produced and will run on London’s West End.

This could just be the break Jarrod needs to get his careerjump-started. But days before he is to leave for London, his partnerCharlie (a cop) is shot in the line of duty. (Yes, another gay LA coplike Milo Sturgis in J. Kellerman’s Alex Delaware books, however that iswhere the similarities end.) And that is just the beginning, sit tightfor sniping and backstabbing actors, murder, kidnapping, attacks bylarge Germans, rescues by drunken Aussies, corrupt Greek shippingmerchants–you name it.

Rick Copp’s novel is a blast. The plot is entertaining and the characters are well written and fun. The story is a good mystery withjust enough bawdiness and sass. A wonderful, light and fun read. Highly recommended.