Reviewer: linda

While this is not the most well-written book I have read, it is thoughtprovoking. Aimed generally at eating disorders that cause women tostarve themselves (anorexia or bingeing and purging) it has someapplicability to anyone with an eating disorder. The book concentratesmostly on the media and the “body myth” from there, i.e., all womenshould look like teenager boys but with big boobs.

The author lets us understand some of the processes of therapy withoutthe therapist. There are exercises intended to help us, as adults, toevaluate what we were told as children about weight and body image.There are also exercises to help remember how we felt when told thosethings. The insights just from reading the exercises were interesting;doing them would likely result in real revelations.

Here’s a quote that I saved:

“The next time you feel a food binge or a shopping frenzy coming on,stop and ask: What am I really hungry for? I may be harder to answerthan you imagine, but that answer is what will truly satisfy yourappetite for living.”

All in all, an interesting book.