S.H. Jucha’s debut novel, “[The SilverShips](http://amzn.to/2yVWGfa),”introduces a future universe where colony ships from old Earth havesettled in different, distant systems, and worked to make a life forthemselves.

Two of the groups, with very different experiences and opportunities,meet again after centuries. The now, very different cultures must workthrough some challenges and face a common alien threat.

The main character, Alex, while out asteroid mining, snags what appearsto be an alien ship entering his solar system. The ship appears dead atfirst, but Alex soon makes contact with the ship’s AI, who reminds me alittle of Mike from “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.”

The adventures soon put Alex in a leadership role and challenge hisabilities and force him to grow up.

“The Silver Ships” is a fun read, good science fiction with interestingcharacters. There are a few plot coincidences (right person in the rightplace at the right time…), but the story doesn’t suffer and I’m eagerto see what’s next from S.H. Jucha.

Besides, the universe is a big place and coincidences are bound tohappen. 🙂