Welcome to my Ten Year Plan

This is my space to discuss photography, knitting, books, coffee, equality, sailing, and anything else that catches my attention.

  • The Fitzgerald Sweater

    I finished knitting my first Cardigan, and my first sweater done in pieces. The pattern (Fitzgerald by Amy Christoffers) is from Berroco and uses the Berroco Vintage Chunky yarn, so the pattern knits quickly. (Well…quickly for a sweater.) I’m still waiting on the buttons to arrive to call the sweater 100% complete. I really like… Continue reading The Fitzgerald Sweater

  • Starting My Berroco Fitzgerald

    Here’s a view of the ribbing, center panel and some seed stitch on my Berroco Fitzgerald cardigan. Using Berroco vintage Chunky yarn in the cracked pepper color way. I made a couple of tweaks to the center panel, and am happy with it so far. We’ll see how the sweater comes together. This is my… Continue reading Starting My Berroco Fitzgerald

  • Knitting a Scottish Tam

    A friend of mine ask if I could knit him a Scottish Tam. Seems easy enough, and I’ve never done a felted project, so why not. I found a decent pattern on Ravelry close to what he was looking for, and knit up a sample. The sample turned out ok. I need to change a… Continue reading Knitting a Scottish Tam

  • My finished watch cap

    I finished my new watch cap! Really happy with how it turned out. I want to learn more. For my next project, I’m going to give cables a try. I found a recommendation for an easy cabled hat. Will post more as it progresses. Enjoy!

  • I miss my old watch cap

    I’ve enjoyed knitting off and on for many, many years. The last time I took the hobby seriously was back in 2005. During that time, I knit a really nice watch cap to wear on an Alaska trip.

  • Countryside Scarf for Birthday

    Now that I’m back into knitting, I made a nice textured scarf for my sister on her birthday this year. The pattern is the Countryside scarf by La boutique de Jeanne I’m really happy with how it turned out, but also not inclined to do more scarves. Just never ending rectangle of the same stitch… Continue reading Countryside Scarf for Birthday