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Birthday Books

I spent a birthday gift certificate on books. Couple of sailing guides, a book about knots, and the Chapman piloting and seamanship 67th edition. (...)
in Ten Year Plan • 12 Jun 2015 • 1 min Read
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The Ortega River Bridge

In 1926, the Ortega River Bridge was built over the Ortega inlet off of the St. Johns river. It is a lovely old stone bridge with a draw in the middle to let boat traffic through. (...)
in Photography • 06 Jun 2015 • 2 min Read
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Prius Display Fix

Since I added an aftermarket stereo to my car, the center display hasn't been displaying. The issue is the Prius expects the stock stereo to be plugged in, and if it doesn't see it, then it turns off certain features for the display. It still worked (...)
in Technology • 16 May 2015 • 1 min Read
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A friend of mine used my car while I was out of town this past week for work, and he cleaned it to within an inch of it's life! Everything has been cleaned, even the upholstery. The car now has a nice light coconut air freshener smell. (...)
in Wandering • 02 May 2015 • 1 min Read
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Hawaiian Classics Shirt in Green

I found a really cool green and white stripped seersucker fabric and had to do something with it. So I made another shirt using the Hawaiian Classics pattern. (...)
in Ten Year Plan • 18 Apr 2015 • 1 min Read
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VIM Move Line to End

I ran across another unbelievably useful VIM command today (...)
in Technology • 16 Apr 2015 • 1 min Read
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Are You Wearing Enough Flair?

I was joking with a friend the other day, that I can't help think of that scene from Office Space when I see someone wearing religious paraphernalia like a cross pendant. So we coined the phrase, Religious Flair. (...)
in Equality • 10 Apr 2015 • 2 min Read
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Hawaiian Classic Shirt #2

Time to start a new shirt. I purchased the Hawaiian Classics 220 shirt pattern from the Victoria Jones Collection. This is my first 'non-beginner' pattern. The instructions are great, and the construction is pretty straight forward. (...)
in Ten Year Plan • 05 Apr 2015 • 3 min Read
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We Communicate

Our technology wandering around the solar system is an amazing representation of autonomy and good communication. The devices need to be smart enough to operate independently, but still accept commands and share images and findings no matter how far (...)
in Wandering • 01 Apr 2015 • 1 min Read