"A Kiss of Shadows" Laurell K. Hamilton

Merry Gentry, a member of the Faerie royal bloodline, has been in hidingfor the past three years. Now working as a Private Investigator in LosAngeles specializing in supernatural crime, she is drawn back into theRoyal Court and all the dangers she tried escape.

Laurell Hamilton has done it again! This is agreat book with intriguing characters and great action. Merry Gentry'sworld is like our world except that Faeries and Goblins still exist inthe world and through political alliances have made a home in America.

In several ways, the Merry Gentry character is similar to another ofLaurell Hamilton's characters, Anita Blake.Both are attractive, petite, have supernatural powers and are tough asnails.

A Kiss of Shadows is a great story, hopefullythe start of a great series, full of mystery, intrigue, sex, magic,great characters and suspense.

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