"A River Runs Through It" Norman Maclean

I avoided all the hype over "The River Runs Through It" movie, andtherefore, avoided the book as well. Mistakes do happen!

No, it's not really about fishing. What is it about? I think that isreally up to each reader. It's about religion, and greater good. It'sabout family relationships, and beautiful scenery. It's about beinghuman.

Actually, I read it as a travel book. Not to a place, although therewere some wonderful description, but to a time. To the early 1900s whenthe West, while not exactly wild, wasn't exactly tame either. The firststory, which gives the book it's title, is the deepest. But the othersgive a great sense of what it might have been like to live in the West,when watching for forest fires meant camping just below a peak, andwalking two days into base camp from civilization.

(I did not read the edition with the forward by Annie Poulx, and cannotcomment on it, but what a perfect author for a forward!)

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