"Americas Boy: A Memoir" by Wade Rouse

Reviewer: linda

A small-town boy who dresses in his mothers bikini when he's five so hecan be queen of the pageant has some issues to address in his life,especially when that small town is in rural southwestern Missouri.

Rouse tells wonderful tales of a family that may not have understoodhim, but loved him nonetheless. The family tales are the best part ofthis memoir; I kept seeing my family in his tales, even though ourfamilies have different oddities. The stories of Rouses schooling willstrike a chord with anyone who was picked on in school for any reason(at least Rouse had the female half of the school that liked him).

I think the heart of this memoir was supposed to be his rediscovery ofwho he really is, but it never made it. I'm glad he's become betteradjusted, but the stories of his childhood are the heart of the book tome. An exceptional read. And no, that has nothing to do with the factthat he works for Washington University!

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