"At The Scent Of Water" by Linda Nichols

Reviewer: spratt

'Life Happens!!' We've all seen the bumper stickers. Some usedifferent words, but the meaning is the same. It's the cynic's answerto 'Why?' It's also the optimist's answer to the same question. Ilike to finish the statement this way: 'Life Happens!! Get over it!!!'

'Why...is this happening to me?' It is one of the age old questions.Many authors have offered their version of the answers. Viewpoints arevaried, of course. We blame others, we blame God, and sometimes we evenblame ourselves. One thing is for sure. There are no easy answers.

How many books have been written in which an author tries to answer the'Why?' questions?

'The Scent of Water' by Linda Nichols is still another. It starts offwith a very sad scenario. I don't like sad books, so I almost didn'tcontinue reading. I'm glad I did. Not just because of the happy ending,but because the author deals with the 'Why?' questions better thananyone I have ever read.

We meet a married couple who have been separated for 5 years--Sam andAnnie Truelove. Sam is a gifted surgeon. He repairs heart damage andheart birth defects on children and tiny babies. His one mistakeresulted in a child having brain damage and being in a coma for 5 years.He was preparing for the operation when he received word his own youngdaughter had just drowned in a creek. He could not longer help hisdaughter, he said; but he could heal this girl with the damaged heart.But he didn't heal her. Neither could he repair the damage that hadbeen done to his marriage by not going immediately to his wife's side.

If you have unanswered 'Why?' questions in your life, I highlyrecommend reading 'The Scent of Water' by Linda Nichols. Even if youthink you have all of the answers already, you might just enjoy theread!!! It is fast-paced, well written, and insightful.

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