"Candy Apple Red (Jane Kelly Mystery)" by Nancy Bush

If you enjoy light, easy mystery books, then this book is for you. JaneKelly followed a boyfriend from California to Washington state. Shestayed; he didn't. She studied criminology because he was, and nowshe's using that in serving eviction notices. But things getcomplicated when her ex-boyfriend shows up. And eventually the body of aman who has been missing for four years. There's our mystery.

I wasn't thrilled with this mystery, but Jane has some wonderfulpossibilities. Her twin brother could have been called Dick, but Jane'smother decided that having Dick and Jane as her children would not be agood idea. And one of Jane's friends talks about fishing, saying thatwhen you get a fish on the end of the line, it's a wonderful feeling,but sometimes it doesn't feel right because there's not enough fight.That's when you know it's a hatchery fish on the end. And, Jane'sfriend says, that's what is wrong with his kids: they are hatcheryfish.

The hatchery fish and Dick and Jane indicate that this author has greatpotential, and I hope she fulfills it. I look forward to reading moreabout Jane.

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