"Class: A Guide Through the American Status System" by Paul Fussell

This book purports to be a "guide through the American status system"but it is a guide to the author's prejudices.

The author divides Americans into several classes starting with "Topout-of-sight" going through "bottom out-of-sight." The author speaksof upper-class as unable to think, middle-class as pretentious, and hisdisdain for the lower-classes is apparent each time he mentions"proles" (his word for the lower-classes). He obviously considershimself "Class X," which is the only class he likes: they have noclass orientation, but make fun of all the other classes.

Some of the information is interesting and recognizable, but most of thebook reflects the author's dissatisfaction with class. He may considerhimself class X, but he's obviously middle-class and obsessed withclass distinctions. Don't bother to read this unless you, too, are amiddle-class pretender to class X.

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