"Deception Point" Dan Brown

If you've read The DaVinciCode,and you liked the basic plot twists, you will love DeceptionPoint.

The novel begins with a very interesting hook: A dog sledder and hisdogs are thrown out of a helicopter into a crack in the ice. From there,things go very high tech. Without giving too much away, there's ameteor from space with proof of life on another planet. And the Senatorwho is running for President, and his daughter, who works for thecurrent President. And lots of other interesting and intriguing people.

As with Dan Brown's other books, this is afast-paced thriller. But I have become more dissatisfied with how thebooks end. There is almost a miraculous ending to all ofBrown's books I've read so far. I canstretch my imagination to Speculative Fiction (formerly known as ScienceFiction), but I can't wrap my brain around what is suppose to be reallife today with miraculous endings. Especially when, as in this book,the ending is supposed to be due to natural causes. Nature, in myexperience, seldom rescues people.

Nonetheless, this was a fun, light read.

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