"Diminished Capacity" by Sherwood Kiraly

It's always been Uncle Rollie's goal to publish the poetry written bythe fish that live in the Mississippi River, which runs past LaPorte.And the main impediment to his doing this is not, as you might think,getting the fish to write poetry, but in getting anyone else to taketheir work seriously.

With a quote like that on the cover of a \$.99 bargain book, how couldyou not buy it? It was well worth the price.

Uncle Rollie is being threatened with a nursing home, by Cooper'smother, who was married to Rollie's brother. Rollie isn't as with itas he was, although he has his moments. Cooper also isn't as with itwas he was, since a head injury. The story of these two people withslightly diminished capacity is a wonderful, quick, light-hearted read.Rollie was never really with it, and Cooper never really knew what hewanted, but together they manage to figure out what's important.

Although the characters are not real people, you will likely recognize afew relatives or acquaintances in the mix. Cooper says at one point thateach of the characters has a flaw or weakness. We look at ourselves andseldom see our flaws, but see them immediately in others. Kiraly pointsout that weaknesses do not mean the people are losers, and that strengthdoesn't always mean goodness.

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