"Educating Alice: Adventures of a Curious Woman" by Alice Steinbach

Alice Steinbach manages to do the things we all want to do: She travelsto different places to learn new things. She goes to cooking school inFrance, tours Jane Austin's England, and learns a bit about being ageisha in Japan. She does many other things as well.

I loved reading this book; even when Alice learns something I have nointerest in, she makes it interesting. The locations, the learning, andthe lessons were wonderful to read about.

One warning: make your bookmark something you can write on, and writedown all the books that she mentions that sound interesting. I had to goback through page by page and write them down. I love books that talkabout other books.

A very satisfying read. Fun, entertaining, and, yes, educational at thesame time. I wish there were more books like this; I'd read them all.

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