"Flesh And Blood" by Michael Cunningham

Flesh and Blood is a large story covering three generations and 100years.

The book starts in 1935 with Constantine and his early childhoodmemories. Constantine falls in love with and marries Mary. Constantineis a young strong immigrant. Not comfortable with his english, butstrong and determined to have the dream. Mary is pretty andsophisticated in Constantine's eyes.

They have three children Elizabeth, Billy and Zoe. The book continues tofollow their lives as people enter and leave.

The book is presented as snapshots of time. Brief images of thecharacters as they grow and evolve yet very detailed with a strongnarrative. Within the first few pages the reader is comfortable with thecharacters.

Michael Cunningham is also the author of A Home at the End of theWorld: ANoveland The Hours: ANovel.

Flesh and Blood is a saga of growth, struggle, ambition, love, violence,heartache and loss. A wonderful drama that grips your chest and doesn'tlet you breath till the end.

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