"French Women Dont Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure" by Mireille Guiliano

There has been a bit of fuss in the media concerning this book, as thetitle is somewhat provocative. But it has more recipes than tips and thetips aren't as useful as I had hoped.

The tips consist mostly of trade offs, just like most weight loss tips.If you have a large meal, cut back the next day. If you eat the bread,skip dessert and so forth. Nothing really new, but it is interestingreading.

My favorite tip was to shop for your food every day in a farmers'market. How many of us could do that? If you were French, you would beworking fewer hours and have better access to farm-fresh produce. As itis, I would like to go to farmers' markets more often, but, alas, amnot likely to be able to do so.

The recipes are above my head, more complicated than I can handle. Butthey look very good.

Overall, an interesting read.

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