"Good in Bed" Jennifer Weiner

Good in Bed begins with the female lead discovering that herex-boyfriend wrote a "tell-all" article about sex with her. Candace,our heroine, is a large woman, and her ex tells all about the trials ofa man who is with a large woman in a national woman's magazine.

Candace's pain at that revelation mirrors the pain that anyone wouldfeel at such a betrayal. Candace's betrayal has to do with her ex'sdiscussions of her issues with her weight, more than the discussions oftheir relationship. Most larger women (all that I know) have issues withtheir weight, and those are more private, more personal than sex issues.When Candace's ex discusses this in a national magazine, it devastatesCandace. (The ex uses "C" rather than her name, so only people whoknow her know it is her. So considerate of him, don't you think?)

How Candace survives, and even thrives, is the tale. But I made it soundtoo serious; it is hilarious. Candace attends a clinical study on weightloss, and leads a revolt. She makes new and interesting friends. And shehas a man from Hollywood tell her that there are no overweight actressesin Hollywood. She's irreverent, and cynical, and sweet all at once.This was a wonderful book, with a heroine I'd like to know.

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