"Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Review written for ClubReading.com by Linda in 2001

This is the story of an angel and a demon, and how they each manage tolearn to like humans. And what happens when Armagedon comes and no oneknows where the Antichrist is. And how when humans get involved in theprogram, things get messed up. And why the four horseman get motorcyclesinstead of horses.

While the book was a collaboration, it's seamless. I suspect, however,that the same author wrote the footnotes throughout. Do not skip them;they are an extremely funny commentary on life. The book is veryfast-paced, but you still get to know the characters and come to careabout them. So Armageddon, or the lack of it, becomes important to thereader as well.

This books is very funny, but it sends the message that humans arelovable, flaws and all. Some days we need to laugh at ourselves, andstill find ourselves lovable.

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