Goodbye Politics

The name calling and ridiculous hyperbole of another presidential campaign cycle is already starting to show up on various social media.

Fortunately, most of the social media services have ways of dealing with it. For example, reddit stuff gets down voted, so it isn't seen, with twitter, depending on the client, certain topics or accounts can be hushed, and on facebook, sites and people can be ignored, or blocked completely.

I'll be doing a bunch of this over the next couple of years, and here's why: I base my voting preferences on facts, not commercials, or social media posts.

The whole process has become so pedestrian and insulting that I have a hard time stomaching most of it. The ad hominem attacks get worse and worse each year, and the bottom line is, I don't want that shit in my head.

So if I don't see your funny cat post, or miss some quip about a coworker or relative, sorry. I may have blocked you. Try email.


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