"Hit List" Lawrence Block

Hit List by Lawrence Block is the second book featuring the assassin for hire Keller. Hit Man is the first book with Keller and an excellent book. Read Linda's review here. Hit List is also very good, and follows a similar format as the first book.

In Hit List, the old man upstairs is dead, so Dot and Keller are on their own. Keller is still the obsessed philatelist and is still relationship challenged. To make matters worse, Keller finds out his occupation is pre-ordained, or written in the stars. And while still coming to terms with his karmic conundrum, someone is trying to kill him!

Great story and great characters. Block has a gift for creating interesting and diverse characters.

The only criticism for this book would be the dialogs with Dot. The interaction between the characters is important, and was perfect in the first book. In Hit Man, Keller was much more introspective and self analyzing, but Hit List seems to be more about his interaction with Dot and the other characters.

Still an excellent book and looking forward to reading the next Keller adventure.

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