What an interesting election cycle. There were certainly some characters to keep things interesting, from Palin and her folksy manner to Biden and his knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. And don't forget Ted Stevens in Alaska, a convicted felon. Of course, he was convicted by 'outsiders'...you know, those American's in the lower 48.

The election of Barak Obama as president, and the nomination of a female vice-president, certainly eludes to great advancements in civil rights. What a great and hopeful sign that we are growing as a society. There were still those that attached labels to Palin for her sex, and Obama for his skin color, but not enough to pollute the process.

The struggles for civil rights are long difficult battles. The opponents to freedom, those that don't think a man can be president because of his skin color, or a woman because of her sex, are old and entrenched. The opponents hold on to their bigotry and hatred like mold on cheese. It's inside them.

I've often said that real change happens by attrition. And I think to a certain degree that is true, social evolution takes generations.

And while this election cycle was a defeat for the civil rights of some, for example, prop 2 in Florida, it was also a reaffirmation of hope and trust in human nature. It is possible for freedom to prevail, it just takes time. Equality may not be possible in our lifetimes, but it is just down the road, and future generations will have greater hope, and greater opportunities to stand as free men and women, regardless of their sex, color, sexual orientation, race, or any other differentiating factor.

We need to celebrate our differences.

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