I Don't Care

I don't care

I've used the phrase before. Not often, because I think it's a bit careless and, very harmful, but there have been occasions. Let's break it down:

Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself

It's just me. What is it that distinguishes us from others?

I remember one of my teachers in high school giving us a bunch of words / phrases and definitions throughout the class. One phrase he defined for us was: Frame of Reference.

Ones total outlook on a given situation as determined by ones position.

Lots of factors help define our frame of reference. There are cultural differences, social / economic differences, different experiences; lets face it, we're all different. That's what I is all about. We are all different.

What is the capacity of 'I'? We are capable of amazing things as individuals and as groups. We can create great works of art, perform great music, achieve great physical feats, but these are all self-proclaimed achievements. We set the bar. In a transient world, what makes one poem better or greater than another? What makes any one achievement greater than another? It seems so arbitrary at times.

We are also capable of horrific acts of violence and selfishness. We are an enigma.

We can use language, art, music, interpretive dance, any number of methods to try and share our thoughts with others, but ultimately we can't truly know what another feels or thinks.

Contraction of Do and Not. Got to love contractions. O'clock, 'twas, y'all, ok now it's confusing.

To eliminate the risk of freaking out the grammer police, I propose we always write it's (it is) and its (possesive) as it(')s.

If we are going to do something, we are going to work on something, take an action or perform a task. We are going to create or make something.

Not just gives us the negative in this case. So we are going to not perform or not take an action, or not do something.

But isn't the statement itself an action. Isn't simply saying I don't care showing at least some level of concern? The statement itself implies a kind of hypocrisy.

hypocrisy: The practice of claiming to have moral standards or belief to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

It's a verb in this statement. An action word, in this case to feel concern or show interest, to like, to look after.

Would you care for some tea?

What is the rest of the sentence? I don't care what you think? I don't care about you. Would we say I Care if the reverse were true? Maybe, but I don't know.

I see folks occasionally lament the anti-bullying campaigns. They don't see why bullying is bad, or why folks can't stand up for themselves. Maybe that is true for them. Maybe they have never been in a situation where they assert themselves. But I doubt that is the case.

I wonder what they care about. Can a persons crust become so thick that they don't have anything left inside? Just using the phrase I don't care must mean there is at least a spark of humanity left in them. I hope so. If not, then I worry they may truly not care, and there's not much left after that.

BTW - I care.

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