I'm Anti Anti

I really, really don't get the anti-everything people. What is it with these ridiculous anti-everything groups like the million moms, focus on the family…heck, might as well include the GOP in that.

Funny enough, these anti people are anti everything except guns. I can't figure that out either. But that's a thought for another post.

My "family" primarily falls into the anti-everything group as well. I put family in quotes, because I'm really talking about blood relations. Family implies a shared experience, or shared habitation. None of that is true. And thanks to the horror that is Facebook, I am learning more each day that I have nothing in common with my relatives.

That's fine. I have a very different definition of family.

So, the latest anti-everything scare is all about contraception. The government wants to give away contraception. No…that's not the case. That's just how the right-wing radio preachers are spinning things to a) entertain, and b) create fear. The reality is very different. What the government is proposing is very different. It is saying that insurance companies cannot pick and choose what services it provides just because it doesn't like them, as in, they can't discriminate based on religion.

"But, Bill, that sure sounds like giving away birth control," you might be thinking. Really? Requiring insurance groups to cover preventative care isn't "giving away" anything. Whether you know it or not, the individual and the employer cover the cost of health insurance.

It's just another example, in my opinion, of the haves wanting to ensure the have nots continue to have not.

"But what about freedom and the American dream?" The anti's ask.

Of, if there were only simple solutions to every problem. Sorry kids, the world is more complicated than that. Heck, even the wild-west approach, where everyone takes the law into their own hands, and folks live or die based on whether they can catch their own food, is not as simple as the anti's think. But, I digress.

There is something that can help. It's called compassion. Frankly, this is a foreign concept to many people these days, it's certainly something the anti's a) don't understand, and b) are against. (An odd contradiction that seems to be at the root of most of the anti's beliefs.)

Being compassionate means being sympathetic, being empathetic and humanistic. It's about love. Remember that word? It isn't a complicated concept. Simply stop passing judgment on others, and really try to understand their situation, or their frame of reference, and the whole world of compassion will open up to you. It is very hard to be angry and compassionate at the same time. That's a good thing.


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