"Impossible Places" Alan Dean Foster

I admit I love books of short stories. If you don't like one story, the next is likely to be good. In this case, the next is always good, and there are no stories not to like!

Alan Dean Foster is "light science fiction." There's no hard science to grasp, and his stories are about people, even if they aren't from earth. He introduces this collection by saying that a novelist often stretches the limits in a short story because the time investment is small and the family is unlikely to starve if the story doesn't sell. Some of these stories were written for particular anthologies, and some were rejected. That's the most interesting of all, to me. I like seeing what gets rejected when written by a man whose books fill a shelf at the local bookstore.

Each of the stories is engrossing, and, yes, some are gross, too. But almost all of them turn something on its head. The perspectives are different, and the twists are wonderful. If you enjoy odd twists, I would recommend "The Road." Very, very funny when the twist is revealed, and exceedingly interesting up to there.

All in all, one of my favorite authors wrote a wonderful book of short stories. Highly recommended, if you like light science fiction.

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