It's Not Healthy

I feel like I've written this blog post before...probably more than once, but I do not feel that FaceBook is a health environment for me. I've removed the app from my phones, and am only visiting the site a couple of times a week to check for messages.

On the plus side, this gives me a chance to be more active on twitter, so follow me / direct message me there, if interested.

For some folks, I'm sure FaceBook is fine, but it's not for me. There are reasons why I don't watch the TV news all day, or listen to talk radio: I don't want that junk in my head. All that negative junk just constantly bombarding me has a very negative impact on my health and my mood. So I don't do it.

FaceBook has become that same source of negative junk. Those less impacted by (or think they are less impacted by) all the negativity may do fine.

It's really all about finding the right tribe :-)


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