Jealous Car

Yes, I've mentioned it before, I love my Prius. It's a great car and I'm not ashamed to say it. I love the cool technology and the pleasant ride, and I love the great mileage. It is a terrific car.

But, I do love, lust after, and dream of the Porsche 911. Yes, it's Porsche, like Portia.

What a lovely car.

So I had to park next to this lovely machine this morning while I was getting my coffee. Who knows, maybe a little of the 911 magic will rub off on my lowly Prius.

Writing Prompt: You are in a hurry to grab some coffee, so you aren't paying attention and throw open your car door, banging it into the car next to you. It's a nice car...a very nice car, and you realize it's not empty as the driver gets out to inspect the damage.


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