"Labyrinth of Night" Allen Steele

In the near future, several governments and corporations are working to explore/colonize mars and make our presence there profitable. One key to that is uncovering the mysteries of the Face and City of Mars.

When the Viking probe flew past Mars in 1976 it sent back several images that caught the public's imagination. A photo of what looks very much like a human face and ruins of a city.

The author, Allen Steele makes it clear in the introduction that he doesn't support or deny the belief in the Face of Mars, only that it makes an interesting story.

And he's right. As an international group of scientists study and explore the city, they discover a labyrinth of tests and traps, each more difficult then the last. It soon becomes apparent that someone is testing them, but who and why?

Allen Steele (official web site is www.AllenSteele.com) has created an interesting group of characters. The Labyrinth Of Night is well written, fast paced and entertaining. Good solid science fiction.

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