Moving On

Moving on. Boy, this is something I really suck at. What is a good day? It's a day I don't obsess over everything I've said during the day and assume every word out of my mouth was a mistake.

Ok, that's a bit overstated, but I'm not going to obsess over it.

In a post recently, Nick Mamatas put the hard truth to geekery and nerd-life:

Whatever you hope to "escape" from will always follow you, because escape can't be purchased, or rented, or streamed online. If you are inspired by some geek thing--wonderful! Be inspired. That doesn't mean that every geek thing is inherently inspirational.

Escape. He's right. Escape can't be purchased. No matter where you go, you bring all of your baggage with you.

I think modern day social networks like Facebook are a form of escape. Instead of any meaningful connection or intimacy, we can 'friend' many people and feel a vague sense of belonging.

I'm sure there are pre-internet examples of this, for example, churches, sock-hops, barn-raisings. (As you can see, I don't really know anything about previous generations. My history knowledge is pretty much a blank till we hit the mid 1800's.)

Is Twitter social? Is Facebook, or reddit?

Is it social to hang out at a bar with one or two friends?

Is this going to be a post of questions?


Moving on.

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