"On This Day" by Melody Carlson

You know how it is. Your thoughts are whirling around in your head all day long. Think about it. Other people do the same thing. I wonder what they are thinking about?

Think about this. You have just arrived at the destination for the "destination wedding" of your niece. You have come to the conclusion that your husband is most likely having an affair with one of your neighbors back home--his new jogging partner. You make a decision that you are not going to confront him about it until after this wedding. You wouldn't think of doing anything to spoil this happy occasion for your favorite niece. You spend the entire day avoiding your husband. At the same time you wonder what he is thinking, wondering what he thinks about why you are avoiding him. Of course, there are other things to think about. You meet the groom's new boss and his wife. They are having a marital meltdown, and your sister has asked you to somehow keep that from disrupting the other guests and the happiness of her daughter's wedding day. The bride's paternal grandmother regales you with stories from her younger days and her marriage. All the while you are thinking that you should have a tape recorder. The grandchildren would enjoy hearing these stories of their family history someday. You wonder if the groom's wealthy family and friends will welcome your niece or will they treat her like a poor relation...the way they look down their noses at the groom's brother's wife. Wow...that dress must have cost as much as your salary for six months.

And...On and on it goes...the thoughts that go through your mind in the course of one day. Of course, since it is a wedding day, many thoughts are wedding and marriage related.

This very creative novel by Melody Carlson tells the story of one day--a wedding day. The story is told through the thoughts of five women--1) the bride's Aunt Elizabeth, 2) Suzette, the second wife of the groom's new boss, 3) Margaret, the bride's paternal grandmother, 4) Laura, the wife of the groom's brother, and 5) Ingrid, the maid of honor.

An intriguing book.

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