"One Tuesday Morning" Karen Kingsbury

review by spratt

The only reason I picked up One Tuesday Morning is because it was a new book written by one of my favorite authors' Karen Kingsbury. I really was not interested in reading a book about the terrorist attacks on 9/11. I knew it would be emotional, and it was. It is the story of two men who look amazingly alike. One is a fireman and the other a driven businessman. One will die in the collapse of the World Trade Center. The other will have amnesia. The story is excellent. I highly recommend the book, but have a box of tissues on hand. And plan to stay up late. It's gripping.

During every generation there may be one or more happenings with which everyone can identify. During my lifetime there have been several. I can remember the Viet Nam War. I can remember in high school the feeling that the end of the world could come any day, when Castro had missiles aimed at the United States. I remember the day J. F. Kennedy was assassinated. And I remember September 11, when terrorists attacked the United States.

It is good to remember. It is not pleasant, but it is good. It's good to remember why we are in a war against terrorism and why we have troops in Iraq. I am proud to be an American and very proud of our military personnel. I pray we never forget that the United States was attacked on 9/11. I pray that we would be united again the way we were the first few days after 9/11 and that we would forget the petty political differences that only hinder the war against terrorism.

I highly recommend reading One Tuesday Morning as a reminder of all we hold dear...freedom, faith, love of family.

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