"The Case of the Singing Sword" Tee Morris

Billibub Baddings is having a bad day. Things are going well, evil-doers are being vanquished, and talisman of terrific destructive power are being destroyed, when Billibub accidently gets sucked into a Portal of Oblivion. He awakes to find himself in 1920's gangland Chicago, and what's a dwarf going to do with himself in 1920's Chicago? He opens a detective agency.

Billi is personable, and makes friends quickly, and he seems to have quite a knack for the private eye biz. Money, tight as usual, is on Billi's mind when in walks the daughter of one of the rich and powerful families, and she wants to hire Billi to find out why her boyfriend, the gangster, was killed.

The story is an entertaining mix of fantasy, crime noir and humor. The author, Tee Morris, has done a great job creating fun, likable characters. There is only one negative about the book; the gangster's dialog, especially Capone's, are written phonetically, in a mafioso/Mickey Spillane style that at times is unintelligible. It certainly derails the reader. Fortunately, the gang encounters are short and infrequent. Apart from that, the book is a terrific and enjoyable read, and I highly recommend it.

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