"The Devils Banker" Christopher Reich

The Devil's Banker is a fast-paced, fascinating read. It takes today's world, including 9/11, and makes one wonder what could actually happen.

Adam Chapel is a Treasury agent. His job is not to chase the bad guys with a gun, but with his mind: he follows the money. When he ends up in France, following $500,000 believed to belong to a terrorist group, it all begins to go bad. He survives a blast that kills the majority of his team, a blast that happens while he's in charge.

The pursuit of the group behind the blast is interesting, as are the author's ideas of who becomes a terrorist and why. I found it amazing that all of the main characters were strongly influenced by their fathers, something that I don't think is as common as all that. I also found it interesting that although the author specifies that Adam is a Treasury agent, he doesn't say for which department.

A very interesting intriguing tale. I had no trouble following the action, and could not wait to finish it.

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