The Ortega River Bridge

In 1926, the Ortega River Bridge was built over the Ortega inlet off of the St. Johns river. It is a lovely old stone bridge with a draw in the middle to let boat traffic through.

It's a bit out of the way, but I often take the round about way just so I can wander through the neighborhoods, and drive over the Ortega bridge. I love it, when rounding the last corner, the light is flashing and the drawbridge is going up. That means I'll get to sit on the bridge for a few minutes and enjoy the view of the river, downtown, and the boats.

I grabbed my coffee this morning, and parked at Stinson Park, walked by the river a bit, then across the bridge. It's everything on foot I imagined. What a great view.

I'll have my boat out there eventually. The Ortega marina, the anchorage opportunities, and the wonderful's the ideal location.


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