Trying out

So...I've had no blog or any place to post thoughts since I took my old site down, and it's been a struggle. I don't write much, but I do like having a place to share thoughts, and better yet, keep thoughts.

My latest brainstorm has been my ten year plan. I'm going to hit 50 next year, and I really need to start thinking about retirement. To that end, I've been working on my next 10 years and what I need / want to accomplish. In a word:


Of course, I don't have a boat, and to be honest, haven't sailed why Sailboats? For many years, I've heard people say all they want to do for retirement is buy and RV and travel around the country. To me, that sounds like torture. Have you seen some of the RV camp sites?  Not to mention the insane fuel costs.

But, that same 'cruising' lifestyle on a sailboat?  Now that is something that I can get excited about. I'll post more. But this is enough for now.


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