Vim Today

I was doing some theme cleanup and ran across this old post about VIM, and thought I would share what my setup looks like today.

I don’t do much programming these days, but I still do quite a bit of note taking, writing, and organizing. My Ten Year Plan is all about organization at this point.

Questions like:

    • What do I need to work on?
    • What do I need to learn more about? and
    • What do I need to be ready to do in X number of years?

My computer life is lived on a wonderful 13" Macbook Pro with 16gb of ram and an amazing retina display. To simplify and provide an experience I’m more comfortable with, I use iTerm2 as my terminal client and zsh as the shell kept up to date with oh-my-zsh.

Vundle keeps my plugins organized and up to date.

Also, to keep my VIM experience the same on my virtual development machines (mostly Ubuntu), and my mac mini home machine, I keep my dot files for vim , zsh, tmux and git in a folder in Dropbox called dotfiles, then simply link to the dot files, such as:

ln -s ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/vimrc .vimrc

As you can see from the pictures, the color scheme is a dark Solorized theme, and rather than open windows, I tend to use tabs.

Not much detail here, but I did cover the basics. Let me know if there are specifics about my VIM setup you would like to see.


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