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I've been really good about staying out of the political debates raging. Frankly, like every election cycle, the spin from all sides of the political fences insults the intelligence.

However, I was reading a post on the American Legion website the other day, and the venomous vitriol and bigotry spewing from these so called adults was unbelievable.

Let me be fair, however, not everyone was spewing hate, but those that were seemed to out voice those that were trying to carry on a civil discussion. It was bad enough to convince me that the Legion is not for me. These are not my peers.

Just to clarify, I am a veteran. I served for many years in the Navy on submarines. I enjoyed it, and look back on my military days fondly. Heck, if it hadn't been for the Navy, I probably wouldn't have escaped the small-town mid-western vacuum and learned about the rest of the world.

I thought I would try a membership to the Legion for a while. I joined a couple of years ago, and read the site and magazine periodically (pun intended). And, of course, I don't expect people to agree about...well, anything. But some things, like freedom, are not really open for debate.

Of course, the issue is the repeal of DADT. Or, maybe not 'of course', as is clear in the comments left by Legion members, folks don't really get the issue.

Why is equality such a difficult concept?

Folks were ranting about 'The Gays living in base housing or using the exchange, or hospital!"

Duh! That's what equal means. It's not about creating new rights; it is about having the same rights.

Others tried to make the argument that DADT was perfect. It let everyone serve...no problem.


Why shouldn't a soldier have the right to share dependent benefits with a significant other? Why shouldn't spouses have the right to visit dying loved ones in the hospital? Why shouldn't dependents have dental coverage?

Well, of course they should.

Imagine, if you can, what it would be like to go to sea on a ship. You spend 6 months away from home, working long stressful hours, and often under challenging conditions. Only to come back and watch all of your shipmates greeted by their spouses on the pier, knowing that your spouse isn't allowed to do that...don't ask, don't tell...remember? How is that good for the country? How is that kind of segregation good for anyone?

With luck, we'll all live long enough to see equality shared by everyone world wide. What a wonderful goal, and certainly something I think those leading should take seriously.

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