Who Would You Get Rid Of?

I just read this terrific short story by Mike Resnick called, "Will the Last Person To Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun?", in which he describes a future world where groups of people are leaving earth en masse.

It raises the question, who needs to leave to make people happy? I ask myself the question, and I wonder, if all the Lexus Bitches left, would I be happy…or at least happier? Nothing against Lexus cars. I'm referring to any of the over-quaffed, hyper-tucked trophy dependents that drive those absurd tanks occasionally referred to as SUV's, while chatting on the phone with one hand and slathering on makeup with the other.

No. No, I probably wouldn't be any happier. The Lexus Bitches would be replaced by the next group of pet-peeve people that crossed my path. The world is rife with inconsiderates.

So how do we change it? I don't think we do. And I also think that's one of the lessons to learn from Resnick's story, that our differences make us interesting. Our differences are a strength, not a weakness.

It's an old concept that warrants frequent repeating, we need to actively celebrate diversity. I don't know that my desire to extend compassion to my fellow earthlings will make it as far as the Stupid Ugly Vehicle drivers, but I will do my best.

Should I end up as the last to leave, I'll make sure to shut off the lights.

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