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Where are my thoughts

Where are my thoughts?
In small boxes and cubbyholes,
Arcane bits of the past
Whisper the names of old friends
And hum old songs.

In files, yellowed paper and faded handwriting.
Checks, receipts, manual for a long gone kitchen appliance,
To do’s and to don’ts,
Old addresses and old loves,
Old projects, old degrees, flight logs
And pictures of Navy subs.

Perhaps on the computer,
Etched on platters, matters of drive;
Work and toil, man and machine.

The Internet;
Global thoughts, mish-mash of influx.
Central Nervous system, the New Post Modern Cyberpunk age.
Cyberspace, interspace, MySpace, my thoughts.
Ogle and google and twitter and flickr,
Dr. Seuss in the new millennium.

Bookshelves, and old books,
With worn bindings and dogged-eared pages,
Good friends have my thoughts.