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Walking more

I’ve been trying to walk more. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, I’ve gotten even more used to just sitting ‘at home’ in front of a couple of computers for all waking hours.

Fortunately, the neighborhood I’m in has some really good walking areas. There is a great little park nearby, and the wonderful Ortega River Bridge is just down the road. According to my measurements, from my boat to the other side of the Ortega River Bridge and back is just over two miles.

Runkeeper, an app I really like despite the fact that I don’t run, has fun challenges occasionally. And I’m a junky for gamification. If an app is going to reward me with virtual feels, I’ll do the challenge. For Pride Month, they are having a 51st anniversary of the first Pride event challenge. That’s enough for me to get involved.

Hope to see you there!