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Trellis with Moss Stitch Swatch

Trellis With Moss Stitch

The next Crazy Quilt swatch block is the beautiful Trellis with Moss Stitch pattern in Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Vol 1, page 261.

I used the Berroco Vintage Chunky yarn in Fuchsia. It’s a descent alternative to full plastic yarns. It’s a good percentage of wool, and has a nice feel, and it will block.

The traveling cables are twisted so the stitches ride on top of the cables and really stand proud against the background of purl bumps. The moss stitch is a nice fill for the diamonds. It’s not easy to keep the Moss stitch tight with such a bulky yarn, but just be diligent and tighten a little before each purl.

Love the stitch pattern and really love the color. Enjoy!

Trellis with Moss Stitch Swatch
Trellis with Moss Stitch Swatch