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Harlequin Pattern

My new favorite pattern from Barbara Walker’s, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Vol 1, pages 88-89 is the Harlequin Pattern. It doesn’t look like much from the accompanying picture in the book, but a) this is a fun knit, b) the resulting texture is robust, and c) the pattern is delightful! I am also delighted with my choice of colors using Berroco Vintage Chunky, colorway 6110 Fondant, and a lovely contrasting colorway 6151 Cardinal. Of course, it’s only my favorite till the next one. They are all fun. They all have tricks to learn and new skills to try.

I am not a fast knitter, so I can get quite bored with some patterns, or the worst is acres of stockinette. I love the look of the finished products, but it can be a struggle when the knitting is tedious, and I was worried about this pattern, given its just knits and slips, but the knitting in this pattern was fun. It is easy to get into a flow after a couple of repeats, and the slips all require the yarn in front, so it isn’t just endless knits.


IMG 0618
IMG 0622






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