Strides for Pride


In 2017, my sister and I participated in the Strides for Pride 5k. We walked and had a good time. 2017 Strides for Pride This year, the event is a virtual 5k. I signed up again, and did my 5k today. It was a nice morning and I had a nice walk. I’m not breaking… Continue reading Strides for Pride

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Daily Reminder


I’ve hung this Calvin and Hobbes comic in my office for more than twenty years. Now that I don’t have an office, it will live on in various electronic forms as a daily reminder to find the joy and the fun in the little things. We are all making it up as we go…might as… Continue reading Daily Reminder

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Duolingo Milestone


I hit a numeric milestone in Duolingo yesterday, 300 days learning Spanish. One of my Covid-19-keep-my-sanity-hobbies I decided to take on was learning Spanish. I started out really strong, and in the early days was spending an hour or more each day. After a couple of months, I started burning out, so I slowed down, and found… Continue reading Duolingo Milestone

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Just a Note Regarding Harry Potter

I just wanted to take a second and say that I nor anyone associated with this website approves of or appreciates the destructive and bigoted transphobic messages coming from J.K Rowling recently. If you are not familiar with the issues, ContraPoints does a fantastic job describing the issues. While I say that, I do want to say,… Continue reading Just a Note Regarding Harry Potter

New Radio Cabinet


For the holidays last year, my good friends, Al and Amie surprised me with a Raspberry Pi kit. I’ve had an idea for a while now to put up a panel or screen that ties various boat systems together and displays relavent information, such as location, boat speed, ais information…etc. Yes, there are turn-key solutions… Continue reading New Radio Cabinet

I Met a Dog and Some Horses


Of course, the Monday after daylight savings time shift, I had to drive to St. Augustine and film some interviews. I really could have used the extra hour of sleep! But on the plus side I got to meet a horse-sized dog, and several horses, as well as several dog-sized miniature horses. I’m lucky that… Continue reading I Met a Dog and Some Horses

Sunsets on the Boat

I haven’t posted a sunset from the boat in a while. Nice evening on the bow reading a book. View fullsize View fullsize

Fireworks in Slo-Mo

Sometimes you get lucky. I was able to catch a cool clip of our local neighborhood fireworks in slow motion. Enjoy with sound on if you can. Happy New Year! Here’s the finale! And who doesn’t love a bonfire in slow motion 🙂

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“The Silver Ships,” by S.H. Jucha


S.H. Jucha’s debut novel, “The Silver Ships,” introduces a future universe where colony ships from old Earth have settled in different, distant systems, and worked to make a life for themselves. Two of the groups, with very different experiences and opportunities, meet again after centuries. The now, very different cultures must work through some challenges… Continue reading “The Silver Ships,” by S.H. Jucha

“The Town and the City” Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac’s first published novel, The Town and the City is a story of monumental scope and great emotional depth. The book’s jacket cover talks about Kerouac’s idolization of Thomas Wolfe and this book reflects that interest. The story is about choices and regrets. It’s also about a generation robbed of choices and left wondering and apathetic… Continue reading “The Town and the City” Jack Kerouac