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  • Strides for Pride

    Strides for Pride

    In 2017, my sister and I participated in the Strides for Pride 5k. We walked and had a good time. 2017 Strides for Pride This year, the event is a virtual 5k. I signed up again, and did my 5k today. It was a nice morning and I had a nice walk. I’m not breaking…

  • Marriage: What Is It Good For?

    Marriage: What Is It Good For?

    Kudos to the Supreme Court yesterday ruling correctly that equality is a constitutional right under the law, and not something to be argued about and applied willy-nilly. I know I’m just whispering to the wind, but it is important to keep this point going forward: This fight has never been about religion. Marriage in this country is…

  • Are You Wearing Enough Flair?

    Are You Wearing Enough Flair?

    “What do you think, Joanna, of the person who only does the bare minimum?” Are you wearing the right amount of flair? If you don’t get the reference,please immediately go watch Office Space. I was joking with a friend the other day, that I can’t help think of that scene from Office Space when I see…

  • We Need More…I Want More

    We Need More…I Want More

    The cynic in me wants to say how awful things are and to rail against anything and everyone that doesn’t agree with me. But, if I did that, I’d be just like everyone else 🙂 Seriously though, I know that it doesn’t value me or effect positive change to only bitch and moan. So what…

  • Anger Management

    Anger Management

    Silence. Internal voices saying, “I’m not good enough,” and “I’m evil.” Jibes and taunts. I talked about this some in the MBAGPP post, what it is like to stand apart from society and deal with the bigotry. Folks are driven by these challenges in different ways. Some turn away and find new groups and families that meet…

  • People Are Challenging

    People Are Challenging

    I make no claim to understand people. In fact, I’m often confused by peoples motivations or responses. For a long time, I was convinced that my lack of understanding was a result of my own limitations. I believed I was either naive about the situation, or I had put up too many barriers between myself…