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Category: Sewing

  • Whiskey Knits Project Bag

    Whiskey Knits Project Bag

    I love a good project bag, and I wanted a really big project bag for my checkmate sweater. So I dug my sewing machine out of the closet and got to work. Check out my Whiskey Knits large drawstring project bag. Plenty of pockets inside for stuff, and one pocket outside. What do you guys…

  • Day of the Dead Party Costume Plans

    Day of the Dead Party Costume Plans

    My plan is a dark vest with a themed lining, long sleeve shirt, and dark pants. To tie it all together, I found these great masks on ebay. The first one is fairly tradition, well made and very comfortable. Thanks seller ktn.cybermart for offering these. The second is just too fabulous! I haven’t decided which to wear yet 🙂…