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  • The Galaxy Note II After a Week or So

    The Galaxy Note II After a Week or So

    The thing is huge! I know I’ve said that a dozen times already, but it is ridiculously large. Its the same (almost) screen size as my kindle touch. For someone without an iPad, the extra screen real estate might be nice, but as a phone, it is just way too big. There are a couple…

  • The Galaxy Note II by Samsung

    The Galaxy Note II by Samsung

    I got an evaluation phone at work to fiddle with for 30 days. I’ve been a long time apple iPhone fan, and still am, but I’ve been hearing more and more good things about Android and Android phones that I figured it was time to check them out. My first reaction when they handed me the box was, “Damn!…

  • DIY Weekend

    DIY Weekend

    I did a bit of DIY this weekend. I love my car, but also really wanted bluetooth audio with the stereo. The factory Toyota options are a bit on the pricey side, so I screwed up some courage, picked a cool new stereo off of Crutchfield, read many websites, and watched many sample videos, then installed the…