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Category: Ten Year Plan

  • New Radio Cabinet

    New Radio Cabinet

    For the holidays last year, my good friends, Al and Amie surprised me with a Raspberry Pi kit. I’ve had an idea for a while now to put up a panel or screen that ties various boat systems together and displays relavent information, such as location, boat speed, ais information…etc. Yes, there are turn-key solutions…

  • Rigging Repairs

    Rigging Repairs

    Rigging repairs on the boat are done. Nothing major, I had a short list of items I wanted repaired/replaced. The secondary supports for the port and starboard spreaders, and the running backstays. All done and everything is looking great! The work was done by Jason of Argonaut Rigging. Great vendor! Highly recommend him.

  • Ten Year Plan Number Plate

    Ten Year Plan Number Plate

    s/v Ten Year Plan received it’s official number plate today. U.S. Coast Guard documented boats are assigned a lifetime documentation number. The requirements are the number be affixed to the interior of the boat in such a way as altering them would damage the numbers or the hull. Folks solve this problem in a varieties…

  • New Boat Arrives

    New Boat Arrives

    My new Tender arrived today. So of course I had to set it up in my living room. 😁 It’s easy inflate and it all fits in the provided bag. It’s the PHP-310 Air Floor Inflatable from West Marine. Looking forward to many years of service from this great little boat. The question has come…

  • Comfort Without the Bulk

    Comfort Without the Bulk

    When I was looking to redo the V-Berth on my boat, I researched mattress options, and ran across several ‘under-mattress’ systems and ended up going with the Froli Modular SleepSystems. The big challenge is ventilation under the mattress. Affordable and well made Easy to follow instructions Easy to assemble and use Comfortable and adjustable Great ventilation.…

  • Boat Renovations

    Boat Renovations

    Since purchasing the boat, I’ve been focusing on internal renovations and minor updates. The first big change was getting the v-berth updated. I took out a couple of small shelves, refinished the drawers, and made a key board and mounting rails. The biggest job was making the cushions. View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize View…

  • Ten Year Plan Boat Cards

    Ten Year Plan Boat Cards

    Thank you to Lindsay S. Powell Designs for the great boat cards. Another item checked off the list on the Ten Year Plan 🙂 I’m very happy with how they turned out.

  • Amateur Radio – W4MTP

    Amateur Radio – W4MTP

    “It’s all part of the ten year plan.” So part of the plan, along with learning sewing and canvas work, sailing, diesel repair…and many other things, I decided to get my amateur radio certifications to improve my communications options on the boat. Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people,…

  • Ten Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show 2015

    Ten Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show 2015

    What a great way to spend a few days of vacation! Annapolis in October is beautiful, and the boat show is amazing. I learned a lot, and will plan to go again in the future. Someday, I’ll get to attend on my own boat. Here are all the pictures I took during the event in…

  • Ten Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show Day 1

    Ten Year Plan: Annapolis Boat Show Day 1

    I’m using my vacation time this year to check out the Annapolis BoatShow. I drove up yesterday, 10/8/15, and hit the show early this morning. To be honest, I was almost as excited for the long drive as I was for the boat show. I love long road trips, and this was a great opportunity to…