Hawaiian Classics Shirt in Green


I found a really cool green and white stripped seersucker fabric and had to dosomething with it. So I made another shirt using the Hawaiian Classics pattern. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m getting the hang ofcollars finally. I also went back and fixed the hems on the first Hawaiian shirt, and nowboth are… Continue reading Hawaiian Classics Shirt in Green

Hawaiian Classic Shirt #2


Time to start a new shirt. I purchased the Hawaiian Classics 220 shirt pattern from the Victoria Jones Collection. This is my first ‘non-beginner’ pattern. The instructions are great, and the construction is pretty straightforward. I did end up making several learning mistakes on the muslin, but the real shirt is going great. That’s the whole point,… Continue reading Hawaiian Classic Shirt #2

Learning To Sew


Part of the ten year plan is learning some independence skills. For example, I want to be able to repair and create cushion covers and sail covers. This means learning some basic sewing skills and learning to work on a gear driven sewing machine. Enter my beautiful Singer 15-91. What a wonderful machine! I bought… Continue reading Learning To Sew